Risotto de langosta con mezcal Ramo de Rosas

What is mezcal taken with? (Italian cuisine)

The fusion between Italian cuisine and mezcal adds an additional dimension to this culinary experience, taking us on a sensory journey where flavors and aromas intertwine in a unique way. Let's explore how each variant of mezcal can enhance different aspects of selected Italian cuisine.

Starter: Bresaola carpaccio with pineapple and mezcal sauce Bouquet of Espadín Joven Roses

Let's start with the Ramo de Rosas Espadín Joven mezcal, crystalline and very little smoky. Its citrus aromas, reminiscent of mandarin, intertwine with the pineapple sauce, highlighting the freshness of the bresaola carpaccio. The mezcal's hints of blackberry and blackberry add additional complexity to this light and delicious entry.

Main Course: Lobster risotto with avocado cream and mezcal Bouquet of Roses Espadín Capón

Now, moving into the main dish, the Ramo de Rosas Espadín Capón mezcal enters the scene. With light smokiness and earthy touches, this mezcal merges with the creaminess of lobster risotto. The herbal notes and touch of fennel add a layer of freshness, creating a harmonious and unique combination.

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Dessert: Tiramisu and dark chocolate, accompanied by a Bouquet of Tobalá Capón Roses

For dessert, we selected the Ramo de Rosas Tobalá Capón mezcal, non-smoked and fruity. Its nuances of pear, peach and pineapple integrate perfectly with the dark chocolate tiramisu. The deep fermentation and vanilla finish of the mezcal provide a subtle sweetness that enhances the experience of this Italian classic.

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