Con qué se toma el mezcal? (Cocina francesa)

What is mezcal taken with? (French cuisine)

Mezcal embarks on an exciting journey to meet refined and exquisite French cuisine. How can this ancient drink mix with the culinary elegance that characterizes French gastronomy? Let's discover the intriguing world of pairings between mezcal and the classic dishes of French cuisine.

Starters: foie gras and Brillat-Savarin cheese

Let's start this gastronomic journey with an entry worthy of French haute cuisine: foie gras. Its unctuous texture and intense flavor intertwine with the complexities of mezcal, creating a unique experience on the palate. Complement this delicacy with a Brillat-Savarin cheese, with its softness and creaminess, for a perfect harmony between power and subtlety.

Main courses: coq au vin or bouillabaisse

For the main course, the classic coq au vin offers a combination of robust flavors. Chicken meat slowly cooked in red wine masterfully blends with the strong, citrus notes of mezcal, creating a fusion of aromas that delight the senses. Also, bouillabaisse, a Provencal fish soup, provides a marine freshness that contrasts with the intensity of the mezcal.

Cheeses: camembert and roquefort

Exploring French cheeses is essential. Camembert, with its silky texture and smooth flavor, integrates harmoniously with mezcal, creating an elegant combination. In contrast, Roquefort, with its distinctive strong, salty flavor, offers a bold flavor experience that is balanced by the drink's slightly smoky notes.

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Desserts: tarte tatin and crème brûlée

The highlight of any French meal is dessert, and mezcal finds its perfect match in tarte tatin. Caramelized apple and crunchy dough find resonance with the sweet and smoky notes of mezcal. Additionally, crème brûlée, with its crunchy layer of burnt sugar, provides a contrasting texture that complements the complexity of the drink.

Accompanying drinks: Lille beer and sparkling water

While mezcal shines on its own, the company of a good beer from Northern France can further enhance the experience, acting as a cool and refreshing option. For a non-alcoholic option, sparkling water adds a refreshing sensation that cleanses the palate between sips of mezcal.

Bon appétit!

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