Con qué se toma el mezcal? (Cocina internacional)

What is mezcal eaten with? (International cuisine)

Mezcal has conquered palates around the world due to its complexity and rich nuances. How can we enhance the sensory experience of mezcal with a variety of foods, including international dishes? Below, we will explore the wonderful union of mezcal with appetizers, main courses, cheeses and desserts from international cuisine, along with drink suggestions that complement this spirit gem.

Starters: Sushi or... hummus with pita bread

Starting the mezcal experience with international appetizers is an excellent option. Sushi, with its freshness and combinations of flavors, balances well with the powerful notes of mezcal. Likewise, hummus with pita bread, a classic of Mediterranean cuisine, offers a creamy texture and accented flavors that complement the complexity of the drink.

Main courses: paella or Thai curry

Diversifying the main course with international options expands the possibilities even further. A Spanish paella, with its blend of rice, seafood and spices, provides a rich and complex culinary experience that blends harmoniously with mezcal. Likewise, a Thai curry, with its layers of intense and exotic flavors, creates an exciting contrast that enhances the tasting.

Cheeses: aged Brie and Gouda cheese

Exploring international cheeses is also key to a successful mezcal pairing. Brie cheese, with its smooth texture and creamy flavor, offers a palette of contrasting flavors that complement the drink. Additionally, aged Gouda, with its more robust flavor profile, adds an additional dimension that elevates the experience.

Desserts: tiramisu and baklava

For dessert, incorporating international options provides sweet variety. Italian tiramisu, with its layers of coffee-soaked sponge cake and mascarpone cream, mixes deliciously with the complexity of mezcal. Likewise, baklava, a dessert from Turkish cuisine, with its layers of nuts and honey, offers a unique flavor experience that harmonizes with the drink.

Accompanying drinks: Belgian beer and matcha green tea

In addition to the wide variety of dishes, accompanying drinks can also influence the mezcal experience. A Belgian beer with unique flavor profiles can provide a refreshing contrast, while matcha green tea, with its freshness and balanced bitterness, serves as a non-alcoholic option that highlights the complex notes of mezcal.

Cheers and enjoy the culinary journey!

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